Marked (Soul Guardians, #1) par Kim Richardson

Titre de livre: Marked (Soul Guardians, #1)

Auteur: Kim Richardson

Broché: 292 pages

Date de sortie: March 15, 2011

Marked (Soul Guardians, #1) par Kim Richardson

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Kim Richardson avec Marked (Soul Guardians, #1)

Sixteen year-old Kara Nightingale’s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside-down when she dies in a freak accident, and she wakes up in a strange new world with a new career—as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion. Kara hurtles towards dangerous missions with the help of her Petty Officer and friend, David.

But when she discovers a Mark on her leg, the entire Legion accuses her of being a Demon spy. Angels are dying, and David begins to pull away from her. Can Kara prove her innocence as she becomes the Legion’s only hope?

It’s going to take a miracle to save the Legion, and Kara’s luck has just run out...

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