The War On Terror: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel (Promo e-Book) (English Edition) par Roby Kent

Titre de livre: The War On Terror: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel (Promo e-Book) (English Edition)

Auteur: Roby Kent

Broché: 462 pages

Date de sortie: August 1, 2018

Éditeur: G. P. Putnam's Sons

The War On Terror: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel (Promo e-Book) (English Edition) par Roby Kent

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Roby Kent avec The War On Terror: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel (Promo e-Book) (English Edition)

The helicopter pilot—Oleg Kolarov—exited the helicopter, while the rotors were still spinning. He carried a powerful cell phone jammer in his right hand and a laptop in his left hand. Mr. Kolarov wore a police radio, holstered to his hip. He listened to the police frequencies to monitor police movements in the area. He already knew an alarm call had been sent to the police. A few seconds ago, at least five witnesses at the junction called 911 to report the scene of the accident. There was just no time. Soon, probably many police units would be pushing their way into the scene. As he left the cockpit, two more Pax plus luggage managed to disembark from the passenger compartment. Mr. Kolarov and his two colleagues were not armed, and their faces were not hidden behind masks. Obviously, these three were the technical support of the operation. The three men then headed to check a beige SUV, abandoned at the intersection. The driver's door was wide open, and the keys were hung on the dashboard. The three men climbed into the vehicle.
Al-Tabari pulled out a stun gun. His assault rifle hung from a strap over his left shoulder. He approached Cathy's minivan and pull out a strange device that looked like an ironing machine for small clothes. Cathy's trembling right hand shoved into her purse that was on her lap, while she still held her cell phone with her left hand. "Kevin," she said calmly, staring neatly at Al-Tabari, "take a back seat, would you?" Kevin immediately started trying to unfasten his seat belt. In the next second, the ironing machine struck the windshield, causing a mini explosion. The device had surely emitted an ultrasound that totally cracked the bullet-proof windshield and smashed it into small crystal-like pieces. Cathy pulled her right hand out of her purse, holding a small firearm. It was a 4.5 caliber air gun that launches projectiles pneumatically with the help of a compressed gas. Although Cathy had refused caring or using any weapon for self-defense, the Secret Service agents had made her obey to, at least, carry this small firearm. Now, she was ready to use it to protect the three children in the back seats. Al-Tabari started to hit the vehicle windshield with his right hand. He was a left-handed man and held his Taser in his left hand. The small crystal parts of the windshield then broke into much smaller pieces and started pouring onto the dashboard and the steering wheel. After the windshield fell down and smashed into pieces, it revealed a shocking view of Cathy, who had been holding a small firearm, aimed at Al-Tabari. Mr. Al-Tabari raised his Taser and fired once. At the same time, Cathy fired two projectiles at him. Unfortunately, Cathy could not hit the man in a life-threatening area. One projectile hit Al-Tabari's right hand, and the other projectile hit his bulletproof vest in the chest area. Cathy, however, was hit by two electrical darts, which attached to her breast in front and arced electricity through her clothes. The shock caused her to lean back on her seat, convulsing in pain. The kids in the back seats were so afraid that they couldn't hold back their tears anymore.

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